Iris Project 2012

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Short summary of the IRIS 2012 Project Final

The aim of the project is to develop a social provider concept for the improvement of life conditions and life chances of women living in prostitution. The project is based on cooperation between three Hungarian, and one Swiss institutions. The problem of the Hungarian street prostitutes of Zurich cannot be solved only in Switzerland: the fluctuation caused by the time limitation of the work permit is very high, the prostitutes struggling with language barriers and health problems. Returning to Hungary after a short Swiss residence, the women find themselves in their common environment where economic and other push factors force their return to the world of prostitution, so the circulation is incontrollable. The cooperation of Hungarian and Swiss social workers working with prostitutes, the involvement of governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders, and contribution of the Media can lead to such an operating system where life chances of prostitutes could improve.

In the frame of the project the social provider concept is being built upon empirical experiences, and also a methodology and training toolkit that can be used further by social workers, institutions, and political stakeholders in Hungary and Switzerland as well.

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